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Bpo Leads For Reo Agents – Generating Bpo Business
By Brian Anthony
Breaking into the world of REO’s and generating consistent, BPO leads is one of the best ways to guarantee a continuous flow of income to your Real Estate business. Once you open the door to these banks and asset managers, the BPO leads will flood in. In fact, many top REO agents are forced to actually turn down many of the BPO leads that they don’t want.

Why Generate BPO Business?

Many agents don’t understand the benefit of generating BPO and working BPO leads. Many agents see the customary $50 fee paid by asset managers and think it’s not worth the time and gas to do them. Big mistake.

While many agents make a good living working only BPO leads, generating BPO carries with it several other HUGE potential upsides, usually overlooked by real estate agents.

Listing Bank Owned Properties:

BPO gets your name in front of asset management companies, lenders and banks. The more BPO leads you create, the more BPO you generate and the more your name recognition rises with asset managers and lenders.

Not only does this “snowball effect” lead to more BPO leads, but after a BPO is completed and reviewed by an asset manager, they need an agent to list the property. If your name gets associated as an “expert” in the area, you are more likely to receive those listing assignment. Keep in mind, that in most instances, your name is attached to those BPOs which are reviewed by a number of people with the power to assign you listings.

Marketing REO Properties for Buyers

While BPO leads and REO Listings are great, 90% of REO agents neglect to take the next step towards boosting their income – marketing their REO listings for buyers.

In this market taking the time to keep a flier box stocked, a website updated and a phone answered can literally mean opening the door to dozens of buyers being added to your REO and BPO business.
By positioning yourself as a REO expert or Foreclosure Specialist to the general public, your buyer side commissions can skyrocket.

Listing Short Sale Properties

In this market, many homeowners owe more than their home is worth. In addition to BPO leads increasing your REO business, you can generate an entire side in short sales by marketing your expertise with banks and lenders to struggling homeowners though postcards or websites.

Many agents ignore this segment of the market because of the time needed to negotiate with banks. This leaves the market wide open for the agents willing to put in the time.

How to Get Started

There are many websites offering unbelievable promises on getting your BPO started. But every successful REO agent knows that the only way to really succeed is through hard work. Having said that, there are a few systems available that provide good, high quality lists of BPO and REO banks. Please see the “about us / resource box” for a link to our BPO and REO lead review website.

Once you have a list of BPO banks, you need to systemize your method of contacting them and marketing your ability to perform a BPO, list the REO and GET IT SOLD! I’ll be writing more about that in my next article.

I hope this article has helped you. My team lists over 100 REO properties each year and we’ve made enough mistakes that I know what I should have done to get started even quicker generating BPO leads on my way to becoming an REO agent.
My Real Estate team lists over 100 REO properties each year and we’ve reviewed the best systems available to get started processing BPO’s and listing REO properties here.


We strive to provide only quality articles, so if there is a specific topic related to business that you would like us to cover, please contact us at any time.

And again, thank you to those contributing daily to our yellow pages london business directory website.

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