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Persistence Can Be Deadly To Your New Online Business
By Jennifer Herndon
You've probably heard the saying "the only way to fail is to quit." We encourage persistence in people from the day they are born. We prop our babies up and reach out for them as they try to take that first step towards us.

We repeat this exercise over and over again until they finally manage to waddle unsteadily forward, arms straight out for balance. The only way any of us learn to walk is through persistence.

We shower our kids with kisses, hugs, band-aids and words of encouragement as they try again and again to ride their bikes without training wheels. We'd all still be in training wheels if not for persistence.

We admire the persistence of the Olympic athlete, the blind man who functions like a sighted person, the entrepreneur who failed at 17 businesses before making it big.

Persistence is a good character trait, right? Well, usually. But sometimes it fails us.

All too often, I see people with a new online whose persistence is keeping them in a cycle of failure. It usually goes something like this. You see an ad on the internet about how easy it is to make money online, $10,000 your first month, quit your day job . . . blah, blah, blah.

You decide to start your new online business. You spend what seems like $10,000 your first month, but you make nothing.

You, however, are persistent. So you buy another course. You join another program. You follow another "guru." Again, and again. Suddenly, this new online has become an expensive hobby rather than the freedom-producing new career you first envisioned.

But it gets worse. Because, remember, you are persistent. The $97 e-books weren't doing it for you. Even the $497, $997, and $1997 courses didn't make you an online mogul. Thinking that it must be your lack of skill and

training, you buy into a $5000 plus coaching program. You attend a $10,000 exclusive internet marketing seminar.

You won't quit. You watch the latest video sales letter that appeared in your inbox and you just know that if that joker on the video is making six figures a month, you can at least pull in six figures a year with this internet marketing thing. Online success will be yours! No matter what it takes.

So, if persistence paid off when you were learning to walk, and to ride your bike, and in hundreds of other instances throughout your life, what's going on now?

Here's the problem. Let's say you needed to travel from California to New York. You went to AAA and got a map. But the agent accidently gave you a map from California to Florida. You follow the map with diligence. But it doesn't lead you to New York. And it doesn't matter how persistent you are, that map can't lead you to New York.

Blind persistence will rarely if ever lead to success. You have to possess the right "map." You have to know the road to take. Then you must persist through whatever roadblocks you encounter along the way. And with this guided persistence, you're certain to reach your destination of success.

Jumping from program to program, starting to implement one course for a week until you're distracted by the sales letter for one that sounds better, reading everything you can get your hands on without following any of it through to the end  this is all random persistence. All common actions when you're trying to start a new online business. And, all as productive as a dog chasing his tail.

If you want to succeed in your new online business, you must find the right map. Then, you must follow it with the daily persistence of a baby learning to walk. And never, ever, ever quit.
Jennifer Herndon works from home with her kids. She has over 11 years experience as a home business consultant. Jennifer's passion is empowering you to achieve success through positive mindset and consistent action. Find more inspiration at Jennifer's Work at Home Millionaire Journey blog. Start your new life today with Jennifer's free Seven Simple Success Steps mini-course.


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