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Interesting Things People Have Found, Like The Business Card Matt Cutts Found In A Second Hand Book
By Bella Harris
Many people stick all sorts of things inside books and then forget about them. Second hand bookshops are a good place to find these forgotten treasures. The most common things to find in books are bookmarks but other more interesting possessions can be found as well.

When you find something hidden in a book, whether it be writing in the cover or a letter, you become curious about how it got there and wonder about who the person was who left it there. When things are actually glued into a book it makes them more bizarre as they’re obviously not just placeholders but somehow important to the person or relevant to the book. Sometimes newspaper articles are found stuck into books that are relevant to their subject. This makes the articles almost like extensions of the book.

Postcards, calendar cards, letters, shopping lists, train tickets and cards are just some examples of things found in books. A online blogger found a strange card in a book that read:


W. W. GREEN, President

Wars Fought, Revolutions Started, Assassinations Plotted, Governments Run, Uprisings Quelled, Stud Service, Tigers Tamed, Bars Emptied, Computers Verified, Orgies Organized

The fact that this card was found in a book almost makes it even more memorable than it already is and could be seen as an effective guerrilla marketing technique. The unconventional card mixed with the unconventional

distribution makes it especially unique.

Business cards have taken on more creative forms recently and are available in all different shapes and sizes. A lot of these more creative cards however tend to forget about placing contact information on then, this is usually to make room for the design. Some cards even have paper models that can be pushed out of the card and folded together. One example of this is a car company that had a paper car on their card that could be pushed out and folded together to make a tiny 3D paper car, a very different approach to making a card memorable!

Some cards for restaurants have even been printed on rice paper and are edible. This seems like a brilliant idea and very fitting for what the card is advertising, however, after the card has been eaten the person has lost the contact details. One can only assume that after eating a card you would remember the name on it! Unusual cards that have another function, even if the other function is being eaten, are the most memorable.

Even though there are many different options available for cards now many people still prefer a classic and simple design? Sometimes the simple ideas are the ones that stand out the most. Just the choice of card can make all the difference. Matt laminated cards can look stylish. A textured or embossed card can also turn a normal card into something special and memorable which your clients or customers will want to hang onto or use as a book mark!
Solopress.com has been providing its client with range of quality and stylish matt laminated business cards at affordable rates for over 15 years.


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