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Going Out Of Business
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Free Home Business Lead Generation, Uk And International, By Topping Google - Part 1 Niche Keywords
By Wayne Vassell
In any you need leads. A steady flow of leads converts to sales, which keeps the all important cash flow for your business. This is very important in Home Lead Generation, UK and worldwide.

Lead Generation can unfortunately be an expensive activity. There are many companies out there that will supply leads for your business, but the problem is they want to be paid a lot of money. And in most cases the quality of the leads is not very high.

You can also use the internet to advertise your to generate your own leads. Now the most popular choice here is to get listed on Google to generate your Leads.

There are two main ways to do this, pay for advertising via Pay Per Click or use Organic search. If you are not familiar with the term organic search this is the search results that are displayed for free to the left of Google.

Now you may say the obvious choice to get a free listing is to just throw together a website and get it listed. Yes, it is possible, but what position in Google will you occupy? Page 80? Page 13? Result 470 out of thousands?! Get my drift?

So, what I am getting at here is wouldn't it be nice to have a FREE advert on the first page of Google?

The way to achieve this is to understand how to cleverly target and select the right Keywords then create, distribute and promote the right content, and finally put it all through a sales funnel to maximise your income streams.

In this first part we are focusing on Keywords

Here are the key things you need:

1) What keywords are people searching for? - Before thinking about creating your content you need to know what people are searching for. Even more important, is what they are searching for relevant to your product or service?

This research can be done for free using Google's Keyword Tool. Start off by putting some search terms in the free Google keyword tool to generate

some ideas, for example MLM.

2) Targeting your Niche - I specialise in Home Lead Generation, UK and worldwide so I use the free tool to find out what the best words are for my audience. It is important to identify your target Niche within your overall market.

The Niche is in affect a targeted subset of your overall market. So for MLM, you would find a subset of that market.

3) Steer clear of over competitive keywords - When I mentioned a very specific Niche above, you may be thinking, what do I mean? Let's say I put "MLM" into Google. It may return millions of results. This is not ideal because you will find it hard getting to page one, which is your main objective!

I advise you to not choose any keyword term that returns anything more than 10,000 results if you want to succeed with free Home Lead Generation, UK and worldwide.

4) The magic equation - There is a known equation that allows you to work out the 'effectiveness' of your chosen keyword. It is more commonly known as the 'Keyword Effectiveness Index' or KEI.

Basically you need the number of searches (gathered from the Free Google Keyword Tool) and the number of search results your keyword returns (from Google search engine).

The equation for KEI is:

KEI = searches * (searches / results).

So if I have a Keyword 'MLM' and it has 10,000 results (you wish! :), and searched 2,000 times a month KEI would be: 2,000 * (2,000 / 10,000) = 400.

In my opinion any score over 100 is a good keyword!

So, to summarise, and to succeed in Home Lead Generation, UK and worldwide, find out what your target audience are searching for, and research what your niche market is within that to allow you to dominate the first page of Google.

In the next part I will cover content creation, distribution, promotion and the importance of a sales funnel.

To your success!
Wayne Vassell is a focused straight talking entrepreneur, coach and accomplished mentor that likes to work with ambitious people interested in the MLM/home based business industry. You can find out more about him and get a FREE no nonsense course on how he creates his marketing campaigns and puts them through his highly effective sales funnel on Auto-Pilot by clicking here => article.PlatinumMLMLeads.net .


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