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Free Business Opportunities Are Not What They Seem!
By Andrew McLachlan - Top Earner & Mentor
The current recession has seen a massive increase in the number of online opportunities. Also know as ‘work at home’ or ‘home based businesses’ the rewards for joining such businesses can be extremely lucrative.

However, it can also be the beginning of a nightmare.

There are thousands of new opportunities springing up every day. From matrix opportunities to cash gifting to big ticker biz ops and even free opportunities, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the claims and the hype.

The majority of opportunities require some form of up-front payment and possible ongoing subscription to maintain your business. Of the most successful opportunities out there, some sort of up-front fee has to be paid. This is simply down to the value of the itself, the training, the back up, the support, the websites, auto-responders…the list could go on, most importantly though, is the commission structure. If you join a big ticket business, chances are you are going to earn big ticket commissions.

But what about free opportunities? The chance to earn upto $25,000 each month without having to spend a dime can seem very appealing. After all, it does not cost you anything and you get the chance to earn all this money. All you have to do is market the product and get people to join you….so where does the money come from?

Well free opportunities are seldom ever free. It may be free to join and it may be free to access the system, but if you want to start earning any real money, you will have to pay, usually a monthly fee to gain access to training and support. You can always run the with no support, but if you are new to the industry, you will fail!

Then there is the quality of the products. If the products were as great as you are led to believe, then why does the owner want you to join for free? Why not charge to gain access? Probably because they are not that great and nobody wants them. The owner wants to let you join for free in order that you can hopefully find a way to shift these items at your own expense. Even if you never actually pay to join the or use its products, you will spend a fortune trying to sell these worthless products for a measly commission.

Most people fail in the simply because they do not know what they are doing. This is an important theme that runs through the industry and it is a scary figure.

The majority that do fail tend to be involved in free opportunities. They are sold a story that a bankrupt 60 year old from New Hampshire now makes $25,000 a day by marketing products online. Not only that, they are going to show YOU for FREE. So you watch the video, you take the tour of the and you think to yourself ‘Wow, I can really do this. Look at the commission

this guy is getting each day.’ You sign up and before you know it you are being told about hoplinks, affiliate links, getting your story and generating traffic.
There you go, you have now entered a ‘Free’ online business. After getting the links and setting up a search engine account, you have now spent about $100 on Pay Per Click advertising. You soon realise that it is perhaps not as easy as you were led to believe, but no problem, the guy that introduced you to the can offer you ‘Millionaire Training’ for only $7 a month. You need it, so you sign up.

Your ‘Millionaire Training’ turns out to be no more than some e-books explaining the theory of internet marketing. First of all you find your niche, then you market it, then you build your list, then you generate traffic….blah blah blah!

This free is now looking like a complete waste of time. You have spent $107 if you are lucky and decide to get out. Congratulation, you have just become one of the 97% who fail and you are not the only one! It happens to people every second of every day. You were enticed by the offer of something free, you liked the idea of easy money, and so do countless others. The sad fact is that there are people out there prepared to let you believe you can run a for $0.

Now, lets get back to the real world. Businesses are not free to join or run. If they were, everyone on the planet would be doing it. The guys that are successfully running ‘free’ opportunities are probably not making a great deal of money and are relying on people who are in despair to join them. Even if they only make $7 from you, with worldwide advertising, they are probably making $7 every minute, so it adds up for them.

However, you don’t care about them. You want your own online that is actually going to change your life. You have a limited budget and you have no experience. What should you do?

The best advice you can get is to research the opportunities and the people behind them. Find out if they are credible and find out what, it any support you are going to get. It is vital that you join a that offers training and support as part of the sign up process, even more important is the support of someone that has been where you are and knows what you are going through.

Setting up a successful online will, unfortunately, cost you money. Be it a few hundred dollars or a few thousand. However, if you have the right training and support behind you, you will make a profit. You also need to have the right mindset and self belief, as this is what keeps most internet marketers driving forward and generating those fantastic incomes that you read about.

It is possible to profit online, but you will not do it with a ‘free’ business.
Andrew McLachlan has been in business for the past 5 years, recently entering into the home business arena. Now a top earner and mentor in the home business industry with a passion for helping other achieve success. You can find out more about him at www.MIBProsperity.com as well as www.No-More-Scams.org


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