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A Look At The Various Erp Business Solutions
By Antje Wilmer
ERP is playing a big role in managing various types of businesses. Different organizations are using different forms of ERP solutions. These solutions are a combination of both ERP hardware and ERP software solutions.

Here is a look at the different forms of ERP solutions. All of the following solutions are related to the different aspects of a business. These solutions today are an enduring part of all businesses today.
The Manufacturing solutions
The ERP solutions for manufacturing help through the various engineering solutions. They also help in maintaining the schedules and managing the workflow. The solutions also help in controlling the quality, managing the costs and maintaining the overall flow of manufacturing.

Supply chain solutions
The ERP software solutions for supply chain management

involve tracking the cash orders, managing the inventory, tracking the purchases and in the configuration of the products. These solutions also help in inspecting the goods, processing the various claims as well as the calculation of the various commissions

Financial Solutions
The financial solutions include the management of the ledger, the cash and the fixed assets. It also includes management solutions for both payable as well as receivable accounts.

Human resources solutions
These solutions include the management of the organizationís human resources, its payroll and its training session. It also includes keeping a track of the attendance, the roster and the benefits to be given to the organizationís staff.

All the above mentioned ERP solutions help to simplify the various processes and make them even simpler.
Paul Benjamin is a freelance writer on ecommerce. He has written articles and blogs on eCommerce solutions, CRM applications and ERP business solutions..


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