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Believe In 6 Degrees Of Separation In Business Networking
By Muhammad Azeem Ashraf
Promoting one’s personality is the major and most important task in networking. Advertising and marketing your skills should be done in the way that may not make other people feel as if you are boasting off yourself. You should put yourself in the right place at right time. People should feel comfortable and most importantly, important with you. They should feel that they have some important place in your heart. Make others happy and happiness will ultimately come back to you. As it is said that the world is just like mirror, all you give the good the bad, all comes back to you. So if you help someone to achieve something you will get something very important for you at some point of time in life. If you give others smiles you also get smiles in return.

You should follow the same rule in networking as well. Always step out first to help the people at events. Smiling and making others smile may not cost enough to you. Newspapers usually speak about the people who get promotions to high ranks in several companies. There exists an opportunity for you. Just get some blank invitation cards. Use the internet to search the companies’ office addresses. Give a hand written note on the card to truthfully congratulate the person on promotion and put off your card along with it also. It does not cost you enough but it has the potential to make someone’s day and make him smile. This

puts a good impression of yours in that person’s mind. But the more important thing is the curiosity which these cards generate in his mind. He is curious and restless enough to meet the person so much concerned about him. He wants to meet this unknown person. So this curiosity makes him respond you back. And now you have a very attractive opportunity to start your journey with successful people in the industry. Invitation sort of envelops attract people very quickly as compared to other envelops. Just do it right. Always remember to do it just once a week. There is a movie with the name “6 Degrees of Separation”. The title points out that every person is 6 degrees away from a very famous person. We are 6 people away from someone very important for us. You might be only 6 people away from your president, some Hollywood celebrity, or somebody very influential. Keeping this powerful rule of networking can become the foundation for your constant achievement.

Attractive slogans are the major selling points of big brands. So brand yourself also with an attractive and catchy slogan. These slogans speak about you and your skills which make you stand apart from others. As the slogans put the brands apart from their competitors, similarly your slogan on the card will make people think of hiring you instead of your competition. The slogan will be the reason people will remember you.
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