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Giving You An Idea On International Business Salary
By Lucile Taylor
The Federation of European Employers (FEE) recently came out a 2006 report that revealed a huge gap of international salary between rich and poor countries in European Union.

Such international salary data showed that German and Dutch workers earn six times more in an hour basis than those who have an occupation in Slovakia. However, in terms of real spending power, there is a disparity when holiday bonus payments are added to the basic pay. The earnings are amended for tax differences and relative purchasing faculty.

FEE also had an international salary table that indicated median hourly wage in the private sectors. It suggested that Denmark ranks number one in the gross hourly pay having a percentage of 100 and real net spending power of 100 of gross hourly pay and a percentage of 91 for the real net spending power. It is followed by Switzerland who has a percentage of 76 for the gross hourly pay and real net spending power at 98 of gross hourly

pay and a percentage of 106 for the real net spending power.

Germany is in fifth with a gross hourly pay of 63 for the real net spending power. Finland is next with a percentage of 53 for the gross hourly pay and real net spending power of 68 of gross hourly pay and a percentage of 77 for the real net spending power. Sweden is at ninth with 52. At number ten is Iceland with a percentage of 50 for the gross hourly pay and real net spending power of 51 for real net spending power.

In Europe, international salary rates range from 23 euros a month in the Russian Federation to about 1, 503 euros a month in Luxembourg. In all but only several nations, the rates offer a standard of living that is near to or even below survival level. Those that do not operate statutory minimum appraisal are Denmark, Austria, Germany, Finland, Swede and Italy. However, they have obligatory sectoral collective agreements that mutually envelopes a high proportion of those who are employed.
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