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Top Business Schools In Singapore
By Dean Lim
Singaporeans are used to hearing from the authorities that theirs is a small country without natural resources, excepting human resource. Therefore, it needs hard work to develop this only resource that we possess to ensure our survival. Singapore has one of the highest literacy rates in the world, on par with developed nations like Sweden and Switzerland. These high proportion of diploma and degree graduates translates to economic success for the nationals. For quite a few years, the faculties of these top schools of Singapore have drawn on their passion for teaching, their experience in working with organizations worldwide. The insights gained from their research to educate generations of leaders who have shaped the practice of in every industry, in every country around the world. Let us take a look at a few of the top schools in Singapore.

Top Schools


The students can avail of a life changing opportunity through the management programs of INSEAD School in Singapore. It is the seat of learning MBA in Singapore. It also promises to offers them a life that will challenge their thought process. It not only gives them a different outlook but also helps them choose a bright future. How rapidly students rise through an organization depends on their knowledge, competence and confidence. The Management Acceleration Programme helps them learn how to manage greater responsibility and implement value-based management strategies. Through unique 360-degree coaching technique, the programme will guide all the students on a very personal journey that will challenge the way of conventional thinking.

The INSEAD MBA Curriculum

The MBA curriculum at INSEAD school has been designed to provide its students the necessary skills and techniques that help them make a career for in the international zone. INSEAD school makes sure that the students are exposed to number of different types of work cultures. Students enrolled for MBA programs at the INSEAD School have to work in groups and study research-oriented topics. B-Schools of MBA in Singapore are known for their unique educational techniques and a thrilling student population that is a mixed blend of brilliant talents from different nationalities and cultures. The whole process is a great teacher for a bright feature in the international arena.

Faculty & Research

INSEAD Faculty are our finest asset, foundation of INSEAD’s reputation for research and teaching excellence who constantly combine rigor with relevance.

National University of Singapore (NUS) School

NUS school a leading institution of MBA in Singapore, established in the year 2002, is considered as one of the leading schools in Asia and is also considered among one of the most popular international school.

Faculty in NUS

There are 100 full-time faculty members who are dedicated towards providing the take best training of there students in their field of management. The NUS programmes include individual assignments, group projects, case studies, quizzes and term papers. This infusion helps the candidates to get practical management knowledge which help them attain the skills required to succeed in any kind of business.
NUS main MBA students who undertake its programs can either enroll for the 17-month or 12-month course. The MBA course at NUS has five distinct areas for specialization.

Ranking of NUS MBA programme

Ranking of The NUS MBA programme made a quantum leap to 35th spot in Financial Times Global MBA Rankings Survey 2009. The NUS School is ranked 3rd in Asia by the QS Global list if '200 Schools 2009' only after the INSEAD Singapore as well as Melbourne School.

Nanyang School

The NANYANG MBA is an intensive international MBA that offers global

perspective with an Asian focus. You should join this challenging program that equips them with relevant and innovative knowledge and skills from highly qualified faculty with relevant industry experience and select group of participants in a diverse and multi cultural environment, right at the gateway to Asia, Singapore.

What An Experience!

The Nanyang School moulds a true leader out of you through its professional MBA programs – with a research, practical and industry-oriented outlook. Nanyang school is considered as one of the finest school teaching MBA in Singapore.

Ambiance at NBS

The schools offer an ambiance that is a blend of diverse cultures and environment. The Nanyang School offers a student the distinct programs of general MBA and specialized MBA courses.

A Double masters degree!

The Double Masters Degree can be taken up at the Nanyang School. The subjects that the management courses at the School pride themselves in are accountancy, finance, international business, strategy, technology, marketing, international studies and knowledge management.

Baruch College, The City University of New York

Founded in 1847, Baruch College, The City University of New York is America's largest AACSB accredited school. Baruch College student tapped on an international network of over 100,000 alumni which includes 12 Nobel Laureate winners, one of the highest among public university worldwide.

Highly Innovative and Practical Focus curriculum

Besides the flagship EMBA program, Baruch executive MSc programs which includes the EMSc Finance, EMSc Marketing, EMSc HR and Psychology programs offers highly practical focus curriculum unmatched by many any other executive program offered by major schools in the United States, These programs are developed through intensive discussion and consultation among the faculty and senior corporate executives from a cross section of industries, large and small companies, not-for-profit organizations, and governmental agencies. It focuses on enhancing and strengthening management expertise at the executive level. The ultimate aim of the program is to equip you with a sharply honed understanding of the strengths and limitations of various "skills and knowledge" domains: firm resources, risk propensities, and external market-competitive and socio-political environmental constraints pertinent to those decisions.

World Class Faculty

Baruch handpicks faculty to teach in its Executive MBA Program, choosing them for their experience in teaching seasoned executives. The program's reputation rests largely on the talent of the professors, who when not teaching, are conducting research and authoring papers that are published in the most influential professional journals in their respective fields.
The knowledge that they bring to the classroom, combined with peer-to-peer learning, create an educational experience second to none. The core faculty is supplemented with practitioners and executives from the community, and faculty from other leading academic institutions. In addition to the tenured faculty, Baruch also invites adjunct professors with industry experience to teach in the program. Our adjunct faculty members include entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs whom have extensive real world experience which they bring to the classroom each day

AACSB International – The Hallmark of a Quality Management Education

AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of is the hallmark of an internationally recognized qualification. National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and Baruch College, The City University of New York, all offers programs that are accredited by AACSB which give its alumni the assurance that their qualifications are recognized global.
The author is a prominent academician and a professor at Aventis School of Management. He has done his Ph. D. in International Business. Executive MBA | MBA in Singapore.


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