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The Importance Of Good Communication When Building Your Online Business
By Greg De Tisi
It has taken me a while to realise that although I am working online I am still in a people business. Good communication skills are key to building relationships whether you are face to face with someone or meeting them virtually.

The art of good communication is to reach out to the audience and make a connection in some way with them. It is about being a believable person who is trustworthy and friendly. You have to empathise with people and understand what they are looking for.

Emails are a good way of getting your message across to a wide audience or individuals alike. It is important to differentiate between the wider audience and the individual when writing your email, as one has to have general appeal and the other has to be more focussed. A good way to do this is to look at which emails grab your attention and do something similar. The gurus out there understand that good communication is key and will always make sure their messages are read by having strong subject lines that catch your attention. Also, you need to be someone who can give valuable content to the reader.

When speaking to a lead

on the phone, make sure that you tailor your conversation to the individual. It is OK to read from a script when you are starting out, but good communication is more than saying some words. It is about engaging with the person and listening to them and responding accordingly. What will excite one person could completely turn off another. One person may like lots of details, whereas another may want you to just cut to the chase.

You may find it useful to use social networking sites to promote yourself and your business. But remember, just because these sites are social sites, good communication and professionalism are still important.

When using forums, again, remember good communication. Keep your content relevant and to the point and respect the people you are dealing with. Do not just join a discussion and promote your business, it is much better to start your own discussion or join one that interests you, that you can learn from or where you can add value.

I hope you have found this article beneficial and can apply some of these good communication techniques to your business. Feel free to pass this on!
About the author... My primary purpose has always been to help others, which is why I wanted to write this and also why I have become a success coach. To discover more about effective communication and personal development, feel free to take a look at my online business at www.berichbefree.biz You can also e-mail me at berichbefree@googlemail.com. I look forward to hearing from you. To your success Greg De Tisi, Success Coach,internet Marketer


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