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Importance Of Ethics In Business
Importance Of Ethics In Business Employees
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Ebay Consignment Business: Selling Other People's Stuff
By Daniel Dwase
If you do not like the idea of dealing with stock, customers and post offices but you still want to make money from eBay then it could be worth starting an eBay consignment home business.

An eBay consignment means that you sell items on behalf of someone else. You set up the auctions or listings and manage any customer queries, invoices and feedback for an agreed fee.

But you do not have the hassle of buying stock, sorting stock, packaging items and dispatching them.

However, you do have to be careful. You need to make sure that after selling the product through the eBay consignment home that you have enough money to not only give the person whose items you are selling a decent profit, but to have a good income for yourself.

This means that when you set up your eBay consignment home you have to be careful to make sure that you choose products to sell that have a high profit margin.

Make sure that you discuss thoroughly with the people whose products you are listing, to establish whether you take a fixed salary, a cut of the final selling price or both.

It is wise to have something in writing

to make sure that you are guaranteed that you will be paid.

Of course, before you do this you need to find someone to sell items for.

Where do you look?...

You can start your eBay consignment by setting yourself up as an eBay affiliate seller and then you can advertise your services on eBay and get some experience of doing it.

It would be best if you can find a large company to work with who have a never ending supply of stock so that you can make a really good and continuous income from the work.

However, you will need to build up your reputation and your eBay consignment in order to be able to attract this type of company to work with you.

It could be a useful start to approach companies who already sell on eBay to see whether they would like you to help to reduce the burden of eBay by listing for them.

You may find that there are shops in your local town which would be willing for you to help them out too.

Try setting up a website and advertising yourself, dropping leaflets in local shops or taking out an advert in a trade journal relevant to the type of items that you would like to sell.
Daniel Dwase is the author of "The New Easy Way To eBay Profits : How To Start A Profitable eBay Business In Minimum Time And Start Living The Life Of Your Dreams". Visit his website to learn more about starting your own eBay Business today! This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.


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