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Features That Make Small Business Accounting Software User-friendly
By Antje Wilmer
Paper-based calculations and ledgers are now a thing of past. IT has made a paradigm shift in the field of accounting and double entry book keeping. A wide array of accounting software packages is now available of market to make the process of book-keeping handy. These software packages help owners in the direction of error reduction, streamlining financial data and have a better grip on the overall financial status. All these help owners to make smart decision easily.

However, for owners of small ventures, there is a slight tilt in the scenario. Hole
In overall budget is a mighty constraint for many small ventures. They can not afford experimentation on different software packages. To counter these problems, small accounting software packages have now cropped up.

While purchasing a small accounting

software package the owner needs to take care of several aspects. Scalability and customization of the package should be studied before purchase. The small accounting software package needs to easy to learn and use. It should contain the entire features required for the smooth financial management of small scale ventures. Compatibility of the small accounting software with the systems of the owner should be given priority before purchasing them. Along with all the above, the small accounting software package needs to fit in the budget range of the owner.

All leading software manufacturers are now specialising in producing small accounting software packages. Free Microsoft accounting software is at the height of popularity due its customization, accessibility and other special features.
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