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Home Business Training - Stop Blaming Others For Your Results!
By Brown Devon
The other day I got a call from a woman who way crying on the phone. She was very upset over the fact that she had been charged $47 for a program which she signed up for.

As is often the case with internet home entrepreneurs; she completely forgot (or wasn’t paying attention to) what she had signed up for and didn’t even take a look at the product she had ordered.

When she called my office, she began to tell me about all of the hard times she was facing and how I HAD to give her back her money or her kids would starve to death.

Now, most successful home trainers/gurus can relate to hard times. Heck, I even remember when I was curled up on the bathroom floor of my mother’s house, crying because I didn’t have any money and the bill collectors were calling me 99 times a day. But the difference between those of us who make it and those of us who continue to struggle is that successful people take FULL responsibility for where they’re at in life/business, while unsuccessful people blame others for their current situation.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen struggling home entrepreneurs say something to the effect of: “That guru/seminar/mlm program/business opportunity was a total scam…they ripped me off and I didn’t make any money!”

If I’m being totally honest, then I have to admit that I was once that type of person (the type of person that blames others for their failures as opposed to learning from them). Back in 2001 I attended a $4,000 real estate seminar that lasted for about 3 or 4 days.

I left that seminar and commenced to be a real estate investor for the next 2 days – lol.

Afterwards, I continuously said things like: “Man,

that class was a scam!”

But if the class was a “scam” then answer me this…
How is it that the person sitting right next to me in class was able to make money as a real estate investor and I wasn’t?

The difference is that the gentleman sitting next to me did the following:
1. Took TOTAL responsibility for his own success
2. Took MASSIVE action on a CONSISTENT basis
3. Continued to press forward even when he didn’t understand something.

The lady on the phone (mentioned earlier in this article) was of the “blame” mentality. Had she taken full responsibility then she would have said: “I signed up for this program, I CHOSE not to access it, now I can either take full advantage of the information I purchased or DECIDE not to do anything with it…either way, It’s MY choice”

Against my better judgment, I gave her back her money (after all, I really didn’t NEED the $47). But, in all honesty, had I really cared about her success, I would have told her to take some responsibility and go use the stuff she purchased. Why?, Because, truth be told, the system she purchased was worth WWWAAAAYYYY more than the $47 she paid for it. Sure, I was a little bit stern with her and gave her some very “blunt” words of wisdom; but I still should have given her a REAL wake up call and not given her back the money.

The reality of the situation is that I didn’t start making any money as a home entrepreneur until I started taking responsibility for my own successes & failures.

Now it’s your turn. Stop blaming others for your current situation and take full responsibility for where you’re at in life & in business. It’s the ONLY way you’re ever going to achieve the success you desire.
Devon Brown (a.k.a “The Success Renegade”) is one of the most talented young speakers and success coaches in the mlm & home business arena. His powerful information is helping home business entrepreneurs finally achieve the success they deserve and desire. Learn more about Devon and take advantage his FREE Home Business Success Tips by visiting: RenegadeSuccess.com


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