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Henry Ford Had A Vision For His Business... Do You?
By Igor Kheifets

"Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is making a positive difference."
Joel Barker
Joel BarkerToday Home Based industry has huge recession rates. More than 95% of all the starting Entrepreneurs online quit within their first year and the same goes for the offline small owners as well.
Why is that? Why the failure percentage is so crucially high?
I believe one of the biggest reasons to the enormous failure rates within the Home Based Industry is the fact that many aspiring entrepreneurs have no vision for their business.
Let me explain exactly what I mean by vision. Vision is the 'How do you see your operating'. Without a vision, your subconscious mind cannot find resources and tools to help you grow your because you are not giving it something to look for. Our subconscious mind can tap into an amazing field of endless opportunity, but in order for it to do so we must provide

it with a vision.
If you still have no vision for your business, than I recommend you answer these five questions to help you establish that perfect vision:
1. What kind of value does your provide to your clients?
2. How Does Your provides this value?
3. What is your monthly/annual revenue?
4. How many hours a day/week do you spend running your business?
5. What are the benefits of your concerning your personal and professional life?
These five questions will be enough for now, for you to create a clear vision of your business. You can add more questions and modify the existing ones if you want to. The more questions you can answer about your the better.
When you are ready to create your vision, make sure to make it as clear and as precise as possible. That way, your subconscious mind can access the unlimited quantum field of consciousness and provide you with the necessary tools for you to create and run your dream business.
Igor IgorHelpsYouSucceed Kheifets skype: igor.kheifets For More Information Visit My Blog at www.IgorHelpsYouSucceed.com


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