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Voip Answering Service For Small Business
By John Kinskey
VoIP answering service provides standard PBX features through hosted IP technology. Calls to the main number are routed through a hosted system. The advantage of a hosted answering service is that you don’t have to purchase or maintain any hardware. Most of the hosted answering services are available without any setup fees or upfront fees.

Some of the major features provided by VoIP answering service are:

• Personalized call answering service
• Interactive and flexible call handling
• Professional greetings
• Call recording and messaging service
• Voice mail to email and fax to mail features
• Easy web access and update facility

VoIP answering services provides access to all company employees and departments through a single number. The hosted PBX phone features can be linked to your local

telephone number or toll free number. All the calls will be welcomed with professional greetings. You can set personalized greetings for callers. Various greetings can be set to play in different modes including day, night, weekend and holiday mode.

With auto attendant, efficient call handling and call routing are ensured. If one phone extension is not answered, the call forwarding facility will automatically route the call to another extension. You can set various extensions including home, office or cell phone numbers. If all phone lines are busy, the call is automatically routed to voice mail. You can receive new voice mail alerts on email or cell phone.

VoIP answering service provides online management of all features, settings and account. You can update various calling features with changing requirements.
Small Business VoIP answering service offered by AccessDirect is supported by a hosted IP PBX phone system with features like auto attendant, voice mail, call forwarding and more.


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