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Monavie Juice Scam? A Good Home Business?
By FastSubmitArticles.com
Network Marketing is one of the most popular home-based businesses. Monavie is considered successful network marketing all over the world. The flagship of their product is the acai juice which is pronounced as "asai". These products selling marketing positioned themselves as having great opportunity to generate big income.

However, starting or participating in a Monavie is the very real concerns. Here are the advantage and disadvantages of developing a with Monavie. In here you will find out whether in Monavie is a great opportunity or a great cheat.

1. Monavie Juice - The Good

Acai is a juice with the combination of 19 fresh blends of fruit juice which is naturally extracted with the mixture of freeze-dried powdered acai. These are merely the famous and healthy product of Mona vie founded by Dallin Larsen based in Salt Lake, Utah. This product is very useful to all people because it is known as curable to headache relief, arthritis, lowered blood pressure and relief from other heart-related disease.
Mona-vie is a network marketing company that pays you out up to 50% commission on a binary compensation plan. This plan helps by being active. A bottle of their juice retails at $37.50, and requires a registration fee of $39.00.

2. Monavie Juice - The Bad

Monavie eligibility to collect a check will start on a mandatory order of four bottles in a month that would cost you around $130 which is shipping and tax exclusive. The price is not so much the issue, as the volume of liquid is considered and the healthy benefits it gives will make your consumer satisfy as well. Unless you have a family that likes and enjoys the juice and considered it as a part of daily budget is a big plus to become great consumer of the product.

Monavie has a strategic standard in "network marketing" as image for their distributors to follow as pointers of leading on in the business. The most important one is to make lists of friends and family members to invite over for a "tasting party". This is where you can invite a bunch of unknown strangers in your home, chugging and gulping up the zesty juice that you paid for may be sounds costly.

3. Monavie

Juice - The Ugly

The most crucial part in Monavie is their marketing plan. Like so many other home based companies, they hold that your best results will come from harassing your "warm and temperate market". What is truly unfortunate is when they advertise a wrong information stating that a distributor can make Black Diamond (the top rank in the company) in 3 months because a professional network marketer already had a substantial down line did it.
This is referred to as "cross recruiting" - where a company will recruit a full-time network marketer with a big organization to swing their down line over to their company. All the while, these marketers recommend the "just follow the system" of friends and family routine. The duplicity, two-facedness and lack of honesty are belonging to the key issues that people think with network marketing.

Growing a Monavie home can be a big opportunity and can generate multiple cash. It is all about having a decent product, but there are plenty of companies that have great products, and many people that market great products never make a dime. There are also plenty of terrible products or known as cheaters that create millions of dollars in revenue which remembered as the pet rock. In order to make a difference, the target ability of the marketer is the key to effective business.

In closing, starting and developing a Monavie home is lucrative or money spinning job. These can be done if someone knows how to use the telephone in proper conversation, the Internet way of selling, and other effective marketing tools. Networking is not probably a scam; it is only bad write ups. But like any venture, success will be done if the skill-set of the marketer is truly working. Monavie is definitely not a lottery game ticket or stock options where you can do is just buy in and wait for a pay out money. Passion and active exertion is the best ingredient to success.

If someone does not have the first clue on how to market effectively, then be trained to learn the way to manage the effective marketing strategy. If not, better use and drink the acai juice as health supplement, surely this will boost to enhance good memory.
Read more about the Monavie Scam and how this home business may not be for you.


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