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The Iseb Foundation Certificate In Business Analysis
By Simon Buehring
who needs it and what is it worth?

The ISEB Foundation Certificate in Analysis is the international standard training-course and qualification for aspiring managers, analysts and consultants. It is also a key specialist module for the ISEB Analysis Diploma (an ISEB Higher qualification), which is an increasingly desirable addition to the CV of any professional analyst.

There are three core Analysis modules and five specialist modules. Students must gain certificates in each of the three core modules and one of the specialist modules before registering for the oral exam. All Analysis modules are independent ISEB Practitioner qualifications, apart from the ISEB Foundation Certificate in Analysis.

The three core ISEB Analysis Diploma modules are:
• Business Analysis Essentials (3 day training-course)
o Developing a strategy, learning analysis techniques and applying these techniques to a scenario.
• Organisational Context (3 day training-course)
o The legal basis, management and structure of organisations, legislation relevant to IS professionals, and finance.
• Requirements Engineering (4 day training-course)
o Eliciting, analysing, documenting, validating

and managing user requirements.

The five specialist ISEB Analysis modules are:
• Benefits Management and Acceptance (3 day training-course)
o Identifying, categorising and delivering expected benefits; designing and implementing an acceptance testing process.
• Foundation Certificate in Analysis (3 day training-course)
o Business analysis principles and techniques, including a basic introduction to subject areas covered by other BSD modules.
• Modelling Processes (2 day training-course)
o Investigating, modelling, analysing and improving processes.
• Systems Development Essentials (3 day training-course)
o Fundamental systems development methodology and organisation, from systems investigation to systems review.
• Systems Modelling Techniques (3 day training-course)
o Construction and implementation of modelling systems from three key perspectives (structured, object-oriented and agile).

Achieving the ISEB Analysis Diploma is recommended for any professional who wishes to pursue a high-level career in management. However, the ISEB Foundation Certificate in Analysis is essential for people involved at any level in and analysis, particularly within the IT industry.
Simon Buehring is a project manager, consultant and trainer. He works for KnowledgeTrain which offers ISEB training courses in the UK and overseas. He can be contacted via the ISEB business analysis website.


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