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Letterhead Is A Reflection Of Your Business
By Marc Hayes
Want to show that your has style and grace? Design letterhead to match your logo or your style. Your customers will know that you mean business. Sending out a blank piece of paper for a letter to a customer or a vendor is totally unacceptable. Tell the world that this is not a hobby for you but a viable and demand the respect you deserve. The same logo that you use on your letters can be matched to cards or other marketing material. Once you decide on a logo, use it in everything you send. It will be what people associate with your business. Take the time needed to make one that best fits your and one that you will be proud to showcase.

Sending out letters to your customers is very important for advertising your business. Maybe you use the letters as a way to introduce yourself to people who have recently moved into the area. Letterhead will help you establish the in the community. It is very important to use appropriate letters when you do direct mailing. In addition, you may ask for donations for events you may have. Once

again you establish the by how you present it. You probably wouldn’t get a lot of donations for a charity event if you just typed the name on a piece of paper. Taking the time to create your business’ signature speaks volumes for you and the business.

Make the letterhead eye catching and memorable. You can use color and logos to draw their eye to it. Once they are there, you have a captive audience and it is time to keep them there with your sales pitch. Have you ever looked at a letter that was sent to you and thought “I love their letterhead?” You may not even care for the but the design and the color was enough to at least make you look at it. The best part about having a mailing in the hand of a potential customer is that even though they may not buy now, they may later. If they do not become your customer right away, they may share the opportunity with a friend. That’s free advertising for you that you didn’t have to do anything for. Letterhead can be a great tool to put your in the hand of the decision makers.
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