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The Definition Of Business Excellence
By Martha Whittle
Business Excellence can be described as a strong management level with all the key tools and knowledge for being successful. It involves having the resources to learn and solve problems. It may involve focusing on a team environment within your company and allowing for creative brainstorming. No matter what definition you choose, within our network we believe many areas help you achieve Excellence. Here are just a few:


Of course we'd say that, when the main focus of our website is to network, we are definitely going to recommend it to everyone else. The owners of our network wouldn't disagree. As both of them started out with their own businesses, they have learned the value of networking in their local community to get the word out. And it has proven to work! Coming from two totally different fields, they have managed to meet one another through networking, and gain an understanding of how they can help each other out. That's what networking is all about - getting to know other people; because those people might know someone who could really use your expertise. Not only that, just talking with someone about what you do can trigger opportunities for both of you.


Hand in hand with networking, this is when someone will refer you to someone else or give you a great reference. Just by getting to know others, and by building relationships, you can get referrals. Here, at our company, we are getting constant emails and calls from people saying that someone referred them to us. But, besides that, we have a great example just from within our office.

Recently, our one boss went to a local dentist's office to give some team training and learn about their company. He had never stepped foot in there before and didn't even know anything about their patients or practices. But, just from the atmosphere and staff he received a great "vibe" within the place. What does this have to do with anything? Well, shortly after being there, I had a dental emergency and went and told my boss I'd have to take some time off to get it fixed. He suggested that if I wanted somewhere in the area, that I contact the place he had just been. So, of course, I took the initiative, not only because he got a good vibe, but because I trusted what he was saying. That morning they managed to fit me into their busy schedule. First of all, that impressed me. But, what blew me over the top was the way they treated me when I got there, the service and staff were great. And to make it even better, they were up to date on the technology and skills and they even put on

a movie for me while they did the dental work. It was a great service, and needless to say I told people and instantly had 2 more people opting to go there. The moral of this story is, my boss only suggested them based on their personalities and atmosphere - so this proves that you don't have to do the direct with someone to get a great referral.


Whether you're just starting out your or you've had a successful one for years, teamwork is always great. You might be thinking... what if I'm the only one that works for my company, where is my team? You will still have your team. Your team can be anyone from your resources, your family, and your friends, to your colleagues, your employees, and the your Network. You need everyone that touches your life to be on your team. When you need help you will turn to your resources, when you need encouragement you will turn to friends and family. If you have employees and colleagues you will need them to be on the same level with you and working with you as a team. As for the your network, they are there to be a part of your team. At ours, we want to give you the resources to help you succeed, we want you to be able to network with others who are trying to accomplish the same goals, and we want to be on your team.Your network should be doing the same!


Learning is continuous in excellence. As your grows you will learn new things. Success is trial and error. Of course, the your network should be there to minimize the error. Of course in order to learn, it may still be through some mistakes. But that is good; we definitely wouldn't be here if it weren't from trial and error. The best part about the our network is we've experienced many of the familiar mistakes that occur when you start your own and we have found the solutions to avoiding them in the future. Through our network, we encourage the members to share their learning experiences and let others know where they have received training, what products that are currently using and what mistakes and lessons they have learned through the stages of owning their business. Without the opportunity to learn, how we would ever grow?

I could go on and on about the things that you may consider apart of excellence Your thoughts, processes, innovations, creativity... you name it, it all aids in the construction of a successful and excellent business. In the end though, no matter what processes you use, be sure you are always focusing on the things that help you achieve your success and learn from the things that aren't!
Martha Whittle is a Marketing Assistant for the CFBE Network which specializes in helping coaches and consultants. "Our mission is to make you succeed. We are bringing together individuals like you and offering incomparable resources to help you along the way." Visit us today at www.CFBEnetwork.com Become a part of my network, visit me at the CFBE: cfbenetwork.com/web/martha


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