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Small Business Ip Pbx Phone Systems
By John Kinskey
The new generation IP phone system is quite different from conventional systems. VOIP (voice over internet protocol) or IP phone is a high speed internet based telephone communication service offering highly beneficial options for small enterprises. The IP phone service is also known as digital phone service or broadband phone service. The major advantage of IP PBX phone systems is that the service is available at minimum monthly service charges while enjoying state-of-the-art communication facilities.

PBX Communication Systems

PBX or Private Branch Exchange phone system incorporates several features that help in systematic internal and external small communication.

• Auto attendant: this system helps in managing all incoming calls, ruling out the need of live receptionists at the office. This system facilitates receiving multiple calls simultaneously with recorded greetings. With such an efficient system in place, your phone never becomes engaged. The callers are efficiently routed to the right extensions.

• Voicemail: if

a call is left unattended, the caller will be provided with the voicemail option; then callers can leave their messages in the voicemail box. The voicemail messages produce alerts in the user’s cell phone or e-mail account.

• Fax service: provides a stand alone fax service solution for small enterprises without changing the existing fax number. Faxes are automatically sent to your e-mail account, so this service is also known as e-mail fax service.

Expand Your Image with Toll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers give a good image to your small venture, making it appear reliable and solid while securing it nationwide exposure. Service providers offer toll free numbers as part of their telephone service along with a host of other facilities such as call forwarding, voice to mail, caller ID, web administration, custom menus, alerts on cell phone, pager notification and lots more.

With the advent of new technological devices and systems, many service providers offer systematic and affordable IP PBX phone systems for small enterprises.
Small business IP PBX phone systems provided by AccessDirect comes with value added virtual PBX features such as fax mail, auto attendant, voicemail and find me follow me call forwarding.


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